The Name Battle

Gavin – Me Don’t Like, wife likes.

Asa – Wife Don’t Like….me love.

Liam – Both are leaning this way.

Did I mention I LOVE Asa.

Weston – Both really liked this.

Weston Liam Pickwell would go well with the Wyatt Lee Pickwell.

Now we are thinking William Asa Pickwell but call him Liam.


Weston Liam Pickwell?

William Asa Pickwell?

13 thoughts on “The Name Battle

  1. Terri

    I’m all for unique (Logan for a girl), but Asa reminds me of that old guy on One Life to Live. So, to me, Weston Liam Pickwell sounds very unique and original.

  2. mt78

    Again I have to ask what is wrong with Mark?

    It’s a strong name.

    and I am such a huge part of your lives.

    So what is wrong with Mark? ;0)

  3. Robb B

    How about William Robert. I had Lorie sold on it for our second, until her uncle clued her in on the whole “Billy Bob” thing. Dang in-laws!!!

  4. Jessica Gaston

    Definitely Weston! We thought Lance or Lane would be good middle names too. just to add to the long list! BUT DEFINITELY Weston!

  5. Brandie

    Liam Weston Pickwell. Then your two sons names wont rhym and they can be individuals. :0)

    actually I like both names in any order :0)

  6. Alaina

    Congrats!!! Little boys are wonderful!!!! We love little boys in our house. 🙂 Hope you all are doing well and I definitely like Weston Liam Pickwell.
    Love y’all.

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