Changing of the Guard

So on Nov. 7th we elected a new president. And I bet most of us would say to ourselves, “Thank God that’s over!” I mean come on! A year of presidential politics is just too much – even for me.

I would also dare say that most of those who read this blog didn’t vote for Obama – simply because I am a Pastor, and most of the readers are Lifepointers, and most church goers statistically are Republican, and you can see why I deduct that. But here is what I hope we don’t do:

1. I hope we don’t spend more time griping about Obama than we do pray for him.
2. I hope we aren’t so cynical and partisan that we lose site of the magnitude that we just witnessed the swearing-in of the first black president.  Now that is amazing no matter who you are.
3. I hope we don’t wish for him to fail.
4. In contrast, I hope we don’t put all of our faith in him.
5. I hope we don’t miss the opportunity to thank God that we were able to transfer power peacefully – again.
6. I hope we don’t miss the opportunity to be grateful that we are Americans.
7. I hope we don’t miss opportunities to acknowledge when he is right and makes correct choices.
8. I hope we don’t stop being involved in our communities because our guy didn’t get it. That’s called taking your ball and going home because you didn’t like how the teams were picked.
9. I hope we don’t get so caught up in being Americans that we forget that we are to be Christ-followers.
10. I hope we don’t miss the opportunity to come together.

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