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$399 Paper Weight


Above you can see a nice picture of my lovely $399 paper-weight.  It is a piece of junk.  And Sony is a piece of crap.  In all honesty I received this camera with gift cards.  But I would have spent the gift cards on something more reliable like a Cannon if had known.

Sony doesn’t care about its customers.  They gladly allow the 1 year warranty to expire on a camera that has market-wide problems without recalling them.  Because they know they can pull another $175 out of you to fix it – regardless if nearly everyone who owns the camera is having the same problem – and regardless that your only a month or two past your warranty.  And bad press!  Ha!  Sony laughs at the notion.  They don’t care!  “Poor little consumers.  They are so stupid!”  The Sony suits say, laughing at the same time.

So if you want to buy a Sony, don’t.  My camera will not focus and the battery runs out in about an hour….without taking pictures.  Google, “DSC-H5 Repair problems” and read for yourself.  If they’re bad about this, they’ll be bad about everything else.

I’m not bitter though.  Just bought a nice Cannon SD1100 IS.  Very excited!

Revenge of the Ants

My home is being invaded by sugar ants – those small, tiny ants that are drawn to all things sugar.  Tomorrow the pest inspector will ride in on his white van and nuke those little punks to the next life.

But they know something is amiss.  They feel their days are numbered.  There are rumors in the air of a prophecy in the ant kingdom.  A doomsday prophecy that one new giant creatures will arrive in ‘their’ home, take up residence, and after a flurry of activity, a rivers of poison will begin to flow – and life as sugar ants will end. 

Yes they know this because I walked into my office today and they have called ahead to their sugar an cousins in the far world of Fredericksburg.  There are stupid little sugar ants here too! 

Little do they know that the man in the white van travels to this world as well.  And with him he brings more cans of poison and gas.

This is war little ant.  And I will win.

–Just killed another.


I guess blogging or twittering is like anything else in life – it takes discipline.  I’ve simply had no desire to do either.  Didn’t care.  Waited for the urge.  Never came.  I honestly can’t figure out how people can blog so much. 

But it’s different for everybody.  Some people like to exercise.  Not me.  Some people like to read.  Not me.  My nature is to do everything else but.  So I have to discipline myself.  Some people like to blog.  And there are times that I love to jot down my thoughts.  But a majority of the time it’s going to be a discipline.

I’ve thought about what I’d like to say, what I’d like it to become.  I never see it gaining the popularity of Los’.  Nor the wittiness of Ben’s.  But I would like it to simply help me build relationships with other leaders and let the people of Lifepoint peak inside my heart.  We’ll see.


I really don't know what to say about the convention.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I was privileged to travel with my pastor to Indianapolis to the Southern Baptist Convention.  He was invited to speak at a church planting round table.

Anyway, I felt like I was in a time warp.  Most everybody was elderly, or fashion deficient, or trying way too hard to be fashion profecient.  Everybody wants to wear their lanyards EVERYWHERE.  Felt like the scene from Waynes World.  There was an annoying booth telling me to witness to Indianapolis by handing out tracks.  Then they would lovingly shove them in my face and wait for me to decline meaning I must hate lost people.  Or maybe it's that I feel tracks are a cheap way to witness, aside from actually TALKING TO PEOPLE!  Good grief, don't get me started.  And I wasn't really quite sure what was happening.  Fish out of water my friend.

But for all their idiosyncrasies, the SBC is the most powerful missions organization in the world.  They may be slow to come around on current trends, but for the most part, they want to see the kingdom built.

….except for the annoying come-over crew that wants to argue parliamentary procedures, boycott Disney, and deem the KJV as the official version of the SBC….you should hear these guys get all riled up over stupid stuff!.