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Humility Kiffin rode into Tennessee and set the place ablaze.  He called out Spurrier, Urban, and probably Santa Clause in the process.  He picked fights with anything that moved…. I believe Mickey Mouse was even a target but that’s just a rumor.  All of this was supposedly a ploy to get TN in the headlines.  TN needed the exposure to ressurect a struggling football program.  Now if you know me I’m a HUGE Tennessee fan.  I ‘bleed orange’ as they say.  So I loved it all.  Fast forward a year and Lane Kiffin is riding out faster than he road in…. leaving behind questionable recruiting practices, empty coaching offices, and a TN nation that has called him every name in the book (including me).

Let’s contrast that with Derek Dooley.  No white horse.  No big splash.  Plenty of questions within the ranks of ‘why this guy?’  Less than 3 weeks left to recruit, and Dooley lands a top 10 recruiting class.  Pretty impressive by anyone’s standards.  In fact he landed a top recruit who wouldn’t come to TN because of Kiffin’s brashness.  At a breakfast this morning Dooley said, “My goal today is not to make any national headlines.”  Polar opposite of a year ago when all that Kiffin wanted to do was make headlines… maybe to compensate for an insecurity – who knows.

But my point is this: Malcolm Gladwell said at Catalyst ’09, “In times of crisis we think we need daring and bold decision making from our leaders. We don’t. What we need in times of crisis from our leaders is humility.”  I love it.  I believe that humility builds trust and a lasting work.  False-confidence leaves a wake bodies and a house made of sticks.  Which is better?  “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.”  Besides, we should be confident in God’s abilities through us.  It’s all about Him, right?

Work at Lifepoint!!!

Lifepoint is currently hiring its next generation of leaders!  If you are interested, please fill out an application email it to along with a resume.  You may also mail a hard copy to:

Lifepoint Church
Jeremy Pickwell
1109 Heatherstone Dr Ste:101
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Operational Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Lifepoint Application for Employment


If you miss Sunday, you’ll be kicking yourself in the pants. Powerful, moving, fun, and a surprise to boot! And I’m excited about leading worship, so the energy is going to be off the charts! Buckle up! And make sure you invite 2 people with you. Let’s see how many people we can get there to hear God’s word!

Oi, Vai!

My back hurts!

This sucks…my back is killing me!  Went to a chiropractor yesterday and it is just going to take some time.  And I think I figured out what has thrown my back out – Wyatt.  That kid is getting huge!

So if you're praying today, say a special prayer for my back – specifically the T10 area.


Went to WIBO yesterday in Reston, VA with my Pastor.  It's nice to have something to go to that doesn't take several days, is close, and you get to hear some great speakers.  I'll post some key thoughts later.  Missed Perry, Ed, and most of John Burke.  But the one's I did see were well worth the wait.

Ran into Ron.  Only got to say high for a few seconds but it was great to see him again.  He has to be one of the sharpest guys in church planting in the country.  And super guy.  I had to privileged of working with his bro-n-law in Texas.

Also ran into Los.  Still sportn' the skull shirt.

Jim Henry introduced himself to me.  Great to meet that guy.

Had a great lunch the staff of Image Church-awesome guys.  And Chris is sharp.

Ran into Matt – headset on and ready to go.  He did a phenomenal job.

Of course saw Ben.  Hate this guy is leaving the area.  We'll miss him!

I also had several people tell me they were praying for Wyatt.  The blog community is incredible!


'Jeremy, where have you been?'

Painting my freakn' house!  Where have you been?!

I'm drained.  We have been working on the house non-stop.  Lots of tedious time-consuming painting.  But it looks tons better.  And new carpet went in Tuesday.  I can't wait to move in!

I was so wore out I took Wednesday off.  Then yesterday to WIBO.  So now I'm back in the saddle again *cue music*.

And I've found out my only friend in life is the now famous Phil.  He's helped me paint every night.   EVERY night….yeah the rest of you are slackers.  But you can make it up this Saturday.

Testing 1,2,3

Today Jennifer and I headed to Charlottesville for tests.  Fun stuff.  Suck my blood.  Suck her blood.  See if her belly looks like it should.  See if my guys do what they’re supposed to do.  Good grief.  And they test us for Herpamonogonariasyphilaids.  Which I’m sure we don’t have.

Cool thing is I saw a guy walk into the office to show his parents a poloroid of 2 embryos they had just implanted into his wife.  Man I remember that day.  I was able to show him Wyatt and say I had a picture just like that of him.

So as it stands now, we should start shots on the 3rd and possibly do the egg retrieval and fertilization on the 12th.  Sucky thing is I’ll be out of town May 4-7, so Jennifer has to shoot herself in the belly.  And on the 3rd, our house begins to look like a drug store – or a crack house, whichever you prefer.  A whole cabinet is dedicated to shot supplies and drugs.  I’ll list them later when I figure out what they are.  Cool thing is we..I mean she, gets valium.  More on that later.  The drugs are a huge part of the cost.  But it’s like Christmas when they show up.  It’d all done mail-order.

And, Jennifer and I were thinking we’ll probably know by the end of May if we’re pregnant AND if we’re having twins.  Oh, forgot to mention that.  They’ll put 2 in.

Need a bigger car.

A Rare Peak Into Our Life

Very long post, but worth it.

What you are about to read is a VERY rare look into Jennifer and I’s life.  I tend to spew personal details and Jennifer is very private.  So this will be good therapy for me.  And yes, this was Jennifer’s idea.  I’m excited!  Here is goes!


Who you see here is a product of IVF.  And his name is Wyatt.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to us.  If you want to know more about his beginnings, you can read it here.  Of course it was a dramatic experience.  But God protected Jennifer and Wyatt, and through it we have been blessed.

Well, in February, we tried to get pregnant with the 3rd baby which was in cryofreeze.  We only had 3 successful fertilized and viable eggs – 1 was Wyatt, the other a tubal, and this was the third.  Sadly, upon thawing, the embryo didn’t survive.  This has led us to a lot of prayer and searching about what to do next.  We know we want adopt in the future, but we also wanted to have a few more children biologically.  Seeing how adoption is twice as much as IVF we have decided to have more babies.

This is where you come in.  We have decided to let you in on the process.  As we learn stuff we’ll post it here for you to read.  If you are a Lifepointer, we only ask that you don’t ask us in person how things are going.  500 people asking you the same thing could become taxing.  We promise to post here!  Prayerfully, in 10 months we’ll have another baby…maybe 2!  Jennifer went yesterday for her first blood tests and the journey has begun. 

Now I just need to figure out how to put a tip jar at the bottom so you all can contribute to the Pickwell IVF fund.  You think I’m kidding!

Being a Pickwell

I am a Pickwell.  And we Pickwell’s have certain quirks about us.  These are a few that let you know you have our blood:

  • You like sleep – a lot – like it’s your hobby.
  • You’ve been known to wipe out a bag of Oreos in one setting.
  • You have a 2-4" protrusion of a gut that juts out from your midsection – regardless of how little or much you eat, sit up, or work out.  It’s called the Pickwell belly and it plagues all of our men.
  • You have yelled at the TV during the following sports – basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golf, NASCAR, bob-sledding, and gymnastics.  ’98 Atlanta Olympics – Keri Strugg landing her vault on an injured ankle.  Who didn’t yell?  And notice hockey is missing.  Who really likes that stuff?
  • You probably have a butt-chin.
  • Way too completive.  Which is bad, because we’re not necessarily good at sports.
  • You want a pet – until you have it.  Then you want it dead.  So you give it away.  Then you want another pet…and cycle continues.  Anybody want my dog?
  • You like to stay up late…maybe that’s the reason for the first item.
  • You root for a school you didn’t attend – Tennessee.  My uncle is the only exception.  You bleed orange.  Seriously, my blood is orange.
  • You know how to make the best tacos in the world – Big Tacos.  All other tacos are referred to as ‘small tacos’, ‘easy tacos’, ‘fake tacos’, or ‘dog-food’.